The first question people ask me after I've told them I design the Blockbuster Videos logo is, "YOU did that?" Apparently, I don't look capable of it. The second question is, "Do you get royalties from it?" If you're in the advertising business, you already know the answer is no way, no how. They also ask, after a while, how does it feel to go in to a Blockbuster store or see your work all over the place, all over the country? It feels great. The funny thing is it started out like any other project. Back in 1985, no one had ever heard of Blockbuster or even renting videos, for the most part. David Cooke and his ex-wife/business partner started it all. Those were interesting meetings. Mr. Cooke's expertise was in digital scanning. He created software for large quantity industrial applications, for the shipping industry. One day he got tired of waiting in line to buy videos and the idea for Blockbuster was born. His C.F.O. knew one of the account executives where I worked at the Rominger Agency. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Those were the days when everything was done manually, so the tear on the ticket is from a piece of paper that I tore in the process. I can tell how close the reproduction is to the original by looking at how crisp the tear is. Of course, the design has been modified and simplified over the years, but it is gratifying to see the concept live on.